The Masters: No Tiger..No African Americans Playing

“One Man’s Opinion”  by Gordon Curvey

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golf_a_woodsgr_cr_576x324I watched “First Take” with Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless the other day and topic of The Masters came up without Tiger Woods playing and also where are the African American golfers on the PGA tour.

Let me make it clear I will not be watching The Masters since Tiger is not playing. Myself and millions of others will not be watching. The ratings on CBS will suffer a huge blow with Tiger not there. Tiger had his back operated on last week and I am sure CBS and others said “Oh Oh”. can seen when the word came out that Tiger will not be there. That is just a fact. If Tiger is not playing I am not watching. Pure and simple.

Smith and Bayless talked about where are the African Americans on the PGA tour. What is going on? Some say it is costly to play golf and others say the PGA does a terrible job in reaching inner city kids. The First Tee ain’t enough!

The PGA needs to do a better job in reaching into the inner city and the youth. Their marketing sucks! When you see a commercial for golf it is a white golfer other than Tiger. Hell folks even the caddies are all white. Back in the day mostly all the caddies were African American. It seems when the purses increased for winning slowly the African American caddies went down to zero. The question folks is WHY? Something is VERY VERY wrong their don’t you think? 710 ESPN does a golf show. They ain’t talking about a brotha other than Tiger that is for sure!

When it comes to The Masters, hell they just recently let ladies to become a Masters club member. It just seems The Masters are a “good ole boy” southern white club. That is what it is to me. This week The Masters starts and count how many African Americans you will see in the crowds and of course without Tiger their will be zero African Americans playing. It will be as white as snow. Something is wrong. Something is very wrong with the white as snow PGA. And they need to look at this problem as soon as possible in my opinion.

Look at what has happened with Tiger and the racism that has happened to him by Sergio Garcia and others. Making jokes about fried chicken and crap. Pure racism folks. I know it had to bother Tiger. It bothered me that is for sure.

So again I will not be watching The Masters or  any other golf event if Tiger is not their. I know Tiger is bothered by being the only African American playing on the PGA tour. Tiger in my opinion needs to be more outspoken on this issue too. He can do this if he wants. The PGA needs to take a look at the almost 100% white crowds at The Masters and the 100% white players on the course playing. Something is wrong folks and that is for sure. Does the PGA care? Well they need too folks. They need to care RIGHT NOW!!


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