Do Not Like All The Talk About Trading Sherman!!

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

shermanAs a sports fan I am really bothered by a few things. The lack of diversity on local sports radio KJR here in Seattle. The lack of marketing/and lack of African Americans in Major League Baseball and something else.

And that is all the discussion of trading Seahawks great Richard Sherman. All of a sudden for the last month their has been discussion everywhere on sports media about the possible trade of Sherman. The question is why?

Why is chatter going on about trading a great player who also gives back to the Seattle/Tacoma community to the youth and families.

I have my opinion ladies and gentlemen. My opinion is this. Richard Sherman has always been outspoken on racism and how African Americans are treated. He is one of only a few sports stars who is not afraid to speak his mind. Lebron James is another one and also fellow Seahawk Micheal Bennett is another one and few others.

Also if you follow Sherman last season he had a few “incidents” that made headlines in the sports world. Sherman had a incident on the field during a game when he disagreed with a call made by the Seahawks offensive coach over a goal line play that was called.

And Sherman showed his anger and got into a sideline situation that truth be told did not look to good. Also Sherman had a incident with local sports radio host Jim Moore in the locker room. In my opinion, Moore was totally in the wrong. Moore talked “down” to Sherman like he was a “intelligent Negro” and not a Stanford educated brotha who is also from the hood of Compton.

Richard was not having it and fired back at Moore. One thing led to another and of course local sports media took the side of Jim Moore BUT national media did not. They felt like I did that Moore asked question after question in a very arrogant manner.

Sports radio KJR and 710 ESPN mostly white hosts put Sherman on full blast. It was wrong in my strong opinion. So as a result of the two incidents last season, Sherman as decided to boycott local Seattle sports media as far as giving interviews etc. Only a few will land a interview with Sherman. I am trying to be one of them.

This boycott will be interesting when Sherman has his Richard Sherman Celebrity Softball Game at Safeco Field here in Seattle during the summer. Who will cover the event from the local Seattle media? Cannot wait to see!

So with all the negativity this past season when it comes to Sherman comes this trade talk. As a sports fan this is TOTAL BS! It is flat out wrong for our football team to “listen” to offers for Sherman. Yes Sherman makes a lot of money and yes the Seahawks can save a lot of money and trade him etc. But why even discuss the trading of a great player who is still playing at a high level at age 29. I just do not understand this.

Seeing articles about where is a good fit for Sherman etc really upsets me as a Seattle Seahawks fan. Some sources are saying that if the Seahawks trade Sherman it is a signal of the ending of the teams run for the Super Bowl. I saw Bennett on ESPN and he said it would be a bad move for the team to trade Sherman. Of course he cannot say what he REALLY feels because he is employed by the Hawks and he just recently signed a new extension to pay his big $$.

So let’s see what is going to happen to Richard Sherman. This sports fan will be very very interesting. We will keep you informed here on “Music Inner City News Magazine” and also on “Sports Inner City Online”

Update: I wish the Sherman Family would stay off sports radio KJR. Branton Sherman, Richard’s brother went on Dave Mahler’s program to discuss his brother. KJR and 710 and other sport media in this town is helping to drive Sherman out of Seattle! Richard said he is boycotting local media. Branton should do the same!!


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