Are African Americans Upset Over “Black On Black” Crime?

“One Man’s Opinion” by Gordon Curvey

Suspect Dies BaltimoreI have not wrote my opinions on this topic but enough is enough readers. I have been watching CNN and MSNBC this week and coverage of the African American who died in the jail after being arrested for who knows what.

Word is he had a legal knife on him but the public is still wondering why he was stopped by police in Baltimore.  It appears the black fella had problems with his breathing while police was taking him in there van. While in the van it seems something very very wrong may have happened.

Because the fella died with a broken neck!!! Something went very very wrong it seems in the hands of Baltimore police and citizens in Baltimore are very upset. They are marching and saying “black lives matter” and another black man is dead in the hands of the police. And I agree readers. SOMETHING IS VERY VERY WRONG!! To many black men are dying in the hands of the police all over the US.

But readers something else is VERY VERY wrong. And that is black on black crime. That means blacks killing other blacks in the African American communities of the United States. And readers I am sorry, I do not see the outrage and where are the marches in the community about blacks killing other blacks????

I want to see the outrage when a black person kills another black person, young or old  just like when a white police officer kills a black man in New York, South Carolina or anywhere!! Where is the marching when this happens?

I do not see or hear the outrage about “black on black” crime in the communities of the United States. The question is why readers? The last few days I called into a local African American radio station called the Ztwins about the topic of black on black crime here in the Seattle area and something VERY interesting happened.

And that is regular callers who call in EVERY DAY on every other topic did NOT call in on the topic of “black on black” crime BUT let a situation come up that a black man is shot or killed by a white police etc…the phones at the station are RINGING OFF THE HOOK!!! This is VERY VERY STRANGE! Again the question is why readers?

In my strong opinion, Rev Jesse Jackson, Rev Al Sharpton, Dr. Micheal Eric Dyson, Cornell West, Tavis Smiley and yes our President..President Obama and you and myself should care more about blacks killing other blacks in the ” hood” or community. This is  “One Man’s Opinion”

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