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I am lucky enough to be in a position to have both of my television programs “Music Inner City TV/Sports Inner City TV” airing 24 -7 on Comcast Xfinity On Demand and Xfinity X1 in Washington State, Oregon and California.

Having said that, I have tried to reach out to network with other people in the media in Pasco/Kennewick, Washington and Portland, Oregon and San Francisco, California all cities where my programs air.

Zero networking has happened. Ladies and gentlemen everyone I reached out to are African American. The lack of networking would not happen with any other race but African Americans in my opinion. It seems African Americans as a whole do not know what networking is.

One of the reasons why African Americans do not have tons of businesses up and down MLK Jr. Way, Rainier Ave South, East Jackson, East Yesler etc here in Seattle. Mall after mall after mall of Asian and East African own businesses. African American malls? ZERO!! They have banks, grocery stores and of course the International District ie Chinatown.

Others work together, have meetings, drink beer and have dinner and pool their money in order to open up a new business. flipinomarketinseattleAgain in my opinion as a whole African Americans just do NOT network and pool our money like other nationalities do.

 The question is why African Americans here in Seattle seems to have the “I gotta get mine, you get yours” way of thinking.

I have talked business many times with Asians and East Africans. And I was married to a lady from Kenya. I listened, watched and learned how their communities work. How the….network. I wish African Americans would learn from their communities. I want to network with a possible angel investor or a major sponsor. This would make me very very happy.

 I want to network like the Asian and now East African community. But also I want to do business and see more networking opportunities with African American as well as with Asians and East Africans.

I want to see at least ONE mall full of African American owned businesses in the Seattle area. It seems again as a whole, African Americans just want to open up another bar b cue place or barber shop or beauty shop or detail shop or of course another church. The Asians have EVERY KIND OF BUSINESS YOU CAN ALMOST THINK OF. Just look around.

Of course as the producer of two TV shows that air on Comcast I would like to generate MUCH MUCH more advertising dollars so I can go the bank with a big smile on my face like the Asians and now East Africans.

Gordon Curvey

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